It is in a form of matter with chemical characteristics properties and composition. This is what we call chemical substance. Even with the use of methods in physical separation, its component cannot be possibly separated. Chemical compounds, chemical elements, alloys or ions are some examples of chemical substances. Chemical substance is also known as “pure”… Read Article →

In late 18th century chemical substance was firmly established by a chemist named Joseph Proust. He was after the composition of copper carbonate (basic) and other chemical compounds that is pure. The proposed the “law of constant composition”. This law stated that all compounds have the identical composition; which means that all samples are identical… Read Article →

We can say that an element is substance that is chemical if it’s made up of particular atoms and cannot be transformed or broken down into different elements by chemical reaction. Although it is possible to transmute it to another element by nuclear reaction. All atoms in sample element have same counts protons although may… Read Article →

The chemical compound that is pure is composed of particular set of ions or molecules. Two or even more than two elements are mixed together to create one substance via chemical reaction to form chemical compound. Take note that all compounds are classified as substances however, not all substances can be classified as compounds. Chemical… Read Article →

Matters with chemical compounds and various elements are often mixed together. Mixtures have no fixed composition and contain not just a single chemical substance. In principle, mixtures can be possibly separated through mechanical process. Soil, wood and butter are some samples of mixtures. Yellow sulfur and grey metal iron are chemical elements which can be… Read Article →